Power Commander

Bakker Framebouw is a official representative of DYNOJET and POWERCOMMANDER performance products.

Through the current emission requirements, standard motorbikes are tuned in such a way to comply to these standards as set by the law.

Due to this concessions are made on the performance of the bike. Often this can be noticed by 'dips' or jerky gas response at certain number of revolutions.

A Powercommander is the ideal solution to solve this problem, and to tune the motor as optimal as possible.
The Powercommander enables you to adjust the fuel mixture of the motor yourself, and to realize a optimal combustion through the whole revelation spectrum. This is direct noticeable by a increase in power and torque, as well as a smooter engine, and more fuel efficient performance!

The ideal setting ('mapping') for the specific motorcycle type is supplied with the PowerCommander for free. This 'mapping' is pre-installed in the module, which means the PowerCommander is ready to run after the installation.

For further information and prices we kindly request you to contact us.