Brakes and Clutch:

Bakker Framebouw is supplier of ISR Brakes, and Brembo brake- and clutch systems. We can supply these parts against competitive prices.

For price information, or questions about the most suitable system for your bike and to fit your style of driving you can allways contact us, we are pleased to help you.

ISR Brakes Brembo

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ISR Products

ISR has developed their range of products by starting from the low cost, simple solutions and then continued to high-tech, competetive racing applications.


ISR Hubs

Wire spoke wheel hubs with integrated disc carriers. A new and exiting way of combining form and function.


ISR Master Cilinders

ISR produces a wide range of master cylinders, everything from the smallest rear brake cylinder to the advanced multi adjustable racing radial cylinders.


ISR Caliper

ISR has got calipers for show and calipers for extra heavy duty applications. 2-, 4- or 6-piston calipers proven both on the race track as well as on the bike shows.


ISR Brakediscs

High performance brake discs with a very high "bang for the buck" ratio, regardless if you're riding a light dirt bike, heavy custom or ultra fast race bike. If you're looking for high performance brake discs - we've got them. And if we don't got them, we can make them to your specifications.


ISR Kits

ISR has put together a few complete kits ready for you to bolt on to your bike. This way it is easy for you to order the high performance brake components your bike really needs.

Brake hose fittings

ISR Fittings

ISR has a complete in house production of every component you'll need to build and re-build the brake system on your bike.