Bakker Framebouw is supplier of Pirelli and Metzeler tyres. We can supply these tyres against competitive prices.

For price information, or questions about the most suitable tyre for your bike and to fit your style of driving you can always contact us, we are pleased to help you.

Metzeler Pirelli

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Also for a set of replacement wheels for your motorbike you are at the right address at Bakker Framebouw.

We are the benelux importer of Marvic Magnesium wheels.


We are supplier of Dymag and BST Carbon Fibre wheels.



Marvic as well as Dymag and BST guarantee wheels of a high quality.


Marvic has introduced the modern racing wheel to the world. They were the first who introduced a magnesium motorcycle wheel with hollowed spokes, which are used until today worldwide.

From the very beginning Marvic is charge and ahead in producing magnesium wheels, through continuous development and research. In over 20 years in which Marvic produces high quality magnesium, forged and casted, as well as forged aluminium wheels as well as has contributed to the realization of dreams for many champions.

Marvic Penta I Marvic Penta II Marvic Piuma Marvic Assen SBK Marcic Assen 125

For price information, or further questions about Marvic wheels you can always contact us, we are pleased to help you.

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The company was born out of the extensive experience of its founders in the motorcycle racing industry, composites knowledge and aerospace fields. They have many years of experience in working with carbon fibre and carbon composites in the aeronautical industry. They combined all this knowledge to create the best parts for motorcycles, for road and race environments.

BST wheels are tested extensively and the results are published. Carbon Fibre is the ideal material for light, strong wheels, and the BST design gives exceptional performance, whether you are on the ROAD or on the TRACK.
Some of the Advantages of the BST Carbon Fibre wheels:

- The wheels are lighter ... so the bike is lighter ... so it's easier to handle - less fatigue
- The wheels are lighter in the RIM and in the SPOKES - which lowers the Moment of Inertia
- Better and lighter handling
- Quicker response to the rider's commands
- Faster acceleration
- Quicker braking
- Safer riding
- Beautiful carbon fiber finish in high gloss

How does a BST wheel help improve Performance?
Weight saving on the BST wheels works like this:
The Outer Rim affects 85% of the overall performance of the wheel - this is made lighter
The Spokes affect 10% of the overall performance of the wheels - this is made lighter
The Hub centre affects 5% of the overall performance of the wheels - this is made lighter

Weight is reduced where it increases performance most. If you reduce weight in the CORRECT places, you save on rotational inertia - and physics takes care of the rest.

The BST RACE wheels

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