At Bakker Framebouw we are also specialised in restoring motorcycles, car parts and formula racing cars. In the past we have for example restored several formula 2 and other sport cars. If you have a motorcycle that needs to be restored but parts for it are no longer made we can offer a solution too.

If you have questions about the possibilities regarding the restotation of cars of motorcycles, or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Last year's endurance races have become very popular. These mostly 4 hours races on motorcycle from before 1985 are given a lot of attention lately. This resulted in a increase in demand of (replica) our own racing bikes which were very successful in these days. For an overview of the Bakker bikes of these days, and new replica bikes we have build for classic races click on underneath link to visit our Classic Bakker Motorcycle page:

Webpage Classic Bakker Motorcycles

For a indication of the cost to build a Classic Motorbike, click on underneath link

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Recently we made an entire engine-block from scratch for a 50cc racer using CNC-cutting techniques. Frames, sheet metal and other types of bodywork can also be repaired and made to look like new.

Kreidler 50cc

Throughout the years Bakker Framebouw has developed a diversity of Kreidler racing parts, with as a highlight our outstanding Kreidler race frame. For more information click on underneath link to visit our Kreidler Special Parts page:

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Maico 1976

Restauration Maico 1976 Cross Motor

JAP 1918

Restauration JAP Alldays 1918

Car Restauration

For more information about our restoration project concerning car's click here.