The racing driver Nico Bakker,

In 1967 Nico Bakker started his racing career with a Adler motorcycle. In this time the driving parts of the available motorcycles could be highly issue for improvement. In a short period of time Nico developed various modifications too which strongly improved the steering characteristics of the motorcycle. This resulted instantly in respectable results on the track. But more important:

The frame builder in Nico Bakker has awakened.

A year after this Nico has been racing on a 250cc Ducati, which had it's follow up a year later by a Desmo Ducati.

As one of the first private drivers Nico recognized the opportunities these Japanese motorcycles could give. In 1970 he bought a 250 cc Suzuki two stroke twin. Engine wise this bike was extremely competitive but regarding the handling of the motorcycle much could be improved. For two years Nico raced with the Suzuki which steered better from race to race, due to numerous detailed improvements.

In 1972 the first Yamaha production racer appeared on the circuits. Reason enough for Nico to equip his own Suzuki with water cooling. Apart from that de power was increased by incorporating innovative techniques for this time as electronic ignition. Through this tuning measures the faults in the driving part of the bike were especially accentuated, which forced Nico to pay special attention to this.

Detail modifications on the existing factory frames where not sufficient any more, for this the first fully new developed Bakker Frame in the winter of 72/73 became present. This frame stirred up the racing world big time, the competition to noticed the strong handling of the machine Nico drove. It didn't took a long time before colleague drivers came with the question if Nico would build them a similar frame.

In the season 1973 Nico began with the production of some frames for other drivers, who successfully used Nico's creations. For example Boet van Dulmen, Wil Hartog, Jack Middelburg, Giacomo Agostini and Johnny Cecotto gained many victory's on frame build by Nico Bakker.

The effect of the success with frame building was the time to race itself wasn't present any more. The era of Nico Bakker as a driver ended, but:

Bakker Framebouw was a fact.

Bakker Framebouw,

Until the day of today worldwide and in may classes successes are still booked on motorcycles with a frame, or other modifications performed by Bakker Framebouw.

Regarding the own racing activities of Bakker Framebouw in recent years there where triumphs on the in house developed Bakker Barracuda. Various national and international titles where won with this bike by Lex van Dijk, and our own employee Jeroen Oudeman.

Also through the racing activities of our own employees, Bakker Framebouw stays in close contact with the motor sport. Through this we always stay tightly involved in the latest technical innovations, and we can stay on top of the market with new innovations and developments.

Apart of our work with regards to the motor sport, Bakker Framebouw is involved in the construction of complete street- and race- bikes, various special milling-, weld- and true-up work.

For restoration / renovation and damage repairs Bakker Framebouw is the right address to attend to.

Also we are active in car racing in which we are specialices in the modification of driving parts and exhaust systems.