Welcome at Bakker Framebouw.

For over 45 years Bakker Framebouw has been building special motorcycles according to the customers wishes. As we are known for our motorcycles, these are not the only 'product' of Bakker Framebouw.

Straightening out rims

Bakker Framebouw is specialised in repairing alloyed car- and motorcycle- rims. Many have found the way to our company in Heerhugowaard already for repairs of alloyed rims. We are the specialist in Noord-Holland.


For more information see our product section: Straightening out rims

we are also specialized in:

- CNC-milling

- welding of aluminium and titanium alloys

- preparation of the rolling chassis of sports cars

- modification of exhaust system for both sports cars and motorcycles

- modification and repairs on titanium bicycles and wheelchairs

- reconstruction and finishing of parts for classic automobiles

- repairing and restoring motorcycles.

If you have queston or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Bakker Framebouw is o.a. reseller of:


Metzeler Pirelli



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