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MC Gården

Since the early 1980's Bakker Framebouw has a tight relationship with MC Gården, who are representing us in Danmark.

MC Gården
Jernbanevej 2
3550 Slangerup

MC Gaarden

Website MC Gården

Yamaha Classic Racing Team / Ferry Brouwer

Since the foundation of the Yamaha Classic Racing Team, and before that with Ferry Brouwer, Bakker Framebouw has been involved in some beautiful projects around Classic Yamaha motorcycles. The results of these projects are always very satisfying to the Team of Bakker Framebouw.

To get an good impression of the Yamaha Classic Racing Team we invite you to visit their site.

Yamaha Classic Racing Team

Website Yamaha Classic Racing Team

JR Motorsport Racing en Engineering

The technical specialty of JR Motorsport is defined in practise by reliable, and durable technical solutions within car racing. This is proven by numerous wins in endurance racing, and championships in the Dutch Supercar Challenge by the BMW's of JR Motorsport.

For more information about JR Motorsport you can visit their site.

JR Motorsport Racing en Engineering

Website JR Motorsport Racing en Engineering

Duel Classic Motorsport

DUEL was founded in 1993, our main activities existed of building and maintaining formula cars and their engines. One of our specialities was, besides modifying the engine itself, developing our own camshafts and exhaust systems. Along those years we came in contact with several Porsche drivers, who asked us to modify their engine and chassis. Soon it became clear to us that Porsche is a car with great potential and with an amazing racing history. This is why Porsche became our core business and the reason we now prepare mainly early 911's and Porsche prototypes for race and rally purpose.

Voor meer informatie over Duel Classic Motorsport kunt u een bezoek aan de site brengen.

Duel Classic Motorsport

Website Duel Classic Motorsport

BERRT, Bert Duursma

For the BMW GS1150, in cooperation with Bert Duursma, a special kit has been developed which allows you to take your BMW Off Road. The kit consists of a specially designed front frame which replaces the entire original system, a long 'Off Road' WP front fork, an aluminium rear frame and a WP rear shock-absorber. You can also choose between the standard wheels, or special spoke wheels.

Berrt, Bert Duursma

Bert Duursma is the specialist on off-road Bike Events, Travel, Rallys en Training, for more information u can visit his website on:

Bazzer - Ben Looijen

Ben Looijen, an motorcycle enthusiatic, with heart for the Dutch motorsport.

For interviews and story's of royalties out of our beloved motorsport. Pay a visit to his site:

Website Bazzer - Ben Looijen

JJ Works - Jesse Giling

JJ Works, Jesse Giling

Website JJ Works - Jesse Giling